ACIST 2017 - CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, 10th – 11th July 2017

We encourage you to contact the SA Embassy or High Commission in your country or region to inquire about your specific visa requirements. For a complete listing of South African embassies and consulates please visit the Department of International Relations & Cooperation website.

The following constitutes general information on Visas for people attending a conference in South Africa.

  • Normal procedures must be followed for applying for a visitor’s visa
  • The application for a visa must be supported by a letter of invitation for the conference
  • The conference organizer will notify the Department of Home Affairs that the conference is taking place - giving all the relevant details and a list of delegates, if possible
  • The Department of Home Affairs will then notify all South Africa representatives abroad, authorising them to issue visas to the delegates providing that
    1. nothing detrimental is known about the delegate, and that
    2. all visitor visa requirements are met